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Our Mission

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Our reputation has been built over the last 40 years on timely and effective communication to our customers and manufacturers, honoring all of our commitments with the integrity that has shaped our agency.

Alex E. Jones & Associates Ltd’ has over 100 cumulative years of experience and knowledge working and partnering with machinery manufacturers, systems integrators, and engineering firms.

Our major objective as outlined in our mission statement is to be recognized as a superior sales and marketing firm, exceeding the expectations of our customers and our manufacturers.

In order to achieve this goal, we always put the customer first, and seek excellence in everything we do while implementing the following ideals:








In our pursuit of excellence, we continually strive to achieve these goals:

• Maintain a sales organization that will attract and support the very best manufacturers in the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Beverage industry.

• Employ professional, self- motivated, creative and assertive, yet sensitive employees.

• Represent Manufacturers whose products provide excellent quality and superior performance at a fair price.

• Establish and maintain strong personal relationships with our principals, customers and employees.

• Convey the ideals of honesty, integrity and sincerity in both our business and personal lives.


The business philosophy at Alex E. Jones & Associates Ltd. is driven by the highest standards of business practices and customer satisfaction. It is based upon the utilization of the total workforce in fact based problem solving and management. As such, our business philosophy is synonymous with the philosophy of TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Alex E. Jones & Associates Ltd. is dedicated to meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers, our employees and the communities in which we do business.

Our success will be measured by:

The ability to supply our customers with technical assistance and cost-effective and innovative solutions, either on-line, on site or by telephone in a timely fashion.

The continuous reduction of
 variation in our product and services that provides a standard of quality that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.  

Growth in a controlled fashion that provides additional services, security, opportunities and return on investment for our customers and employees.  

The conducting of all business activities whether they are with customers, suppliers or employees with the utmost integrity and fairness.  

This will be accomplished by:

A clear definition for all levels of the goals and philosophy of the organization and the responsibility and accountability of each person and team in the meeting of those goals.    

The full utilization of the work force through employee training and team based problem solving to tap the knowledge and experience of all personnel.  

The gathering and use of objectives data to monitor the progress of the organization’s ability to solve problems and make decisions.  

A never-ending focus on the continuous improvement of all processes.