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Performance FG Food Grade

Performance FG - Food Grade 

Smart Earth Performance FG is made from special plant oils for maximum oxidative stability, is biodegradable and has a low, non-offensive odour. This high-performance biobased lubricant offers a high viscosity index, lower evaporation loss and enhanced lubricity, improving energy efficiency and reducing friction and wear. It provides a long-lasting lubricating film that easily bonds to metal or plastic and reduces operating temperatures allowing for high speeds. It is chlorine free, with high flash and fire points.

Based on evaluation of the base oils and the finished products, this biobased product is designed to be biodegradable, aquatically non-toxic, not bio accumulative, and with no impact on plants as determined by known test methods. Nevertheless, the use of all Smart Earth products are subject to the local ordinances and ultimate responsibility for impact remains with the users.


-  Approved for incidental contact in food processing facilities
-  Multi-purpose lubricant recommended for load and wear applications
-  Lubricates sliding and rolling surfaces, chains and rails
-  Hinges and moving parts
-  Loosens rusted and tight bolts
-  General purpose cutting, grinding and drilling metals
-  Milling, tapping, and reaming


-  Superior lubricity improves productivity and reduces ware
-  Cooler operating allowing for high operating speeds
-  Safe for all metals and plastics
-  Protects from rust and corrosion
-  Does not contain chlorine
-  High flash and fire points
-  Made from renewable crop based plant oils