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Yamato Scales

Yamato Scale, the industry leader for multihead weighers.

Whether your product is Confectionery, Snacks, Bakery, Cereals, Nuts, IQF, Fresh Produce, Meat, Fish, Mixed Products or Non-Food applications for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products, Yamato has the latest technology to develop your individual weighing and packaging line solutions.

Omega 2


Bringing you super high speed and accuracy with friendly usability through an innovative weighing system.

The most sophisticated multihead weigher worldwide

Improving productivity

Easy Operation

Easy maintenance

Food safety

Environmental responsiveness


Omega Frontier1

Omega Frontier

Improve your productivity!

The idea: “To maximise packaging machine capability”

Maximize production output

Increase packaging versatility

Contribute to environmental protection


Sigma F1 Plus 3

Sigma F1 Plus

High end Data weigh Sigma has been chosen all around the world

Easy operation by 10.4 inches color touch screen

Full stainless steel construction

IP65 compliant

Backward compatible


Sigma F1 Frontier 1

Sigma F1 Frontier

Maximized Sealing Clearance





Sigma F1 Compact 1

Sigma F1 Compact

Small portions without give-away

High accuracy, small target weighing

Space efficient

Fragile product handling


Dataweigh Snack Version 1

Snack Scale

Multihead Weigher for Snacks (SN Version)

Reduce power consumption by up to 60%

Ensures a continuous and optimum product feeding

Advanced maintenance concept to minimize downtime

Features auto-tuning and automatic feeding control

Easy operation with user-friendly 10.4" color touch screen


Alpha Advance 1

Alpha Advance

The multihead weigher with the best price-performance ratio!

Improving productivity

Easy operation

Food safety

Ease of maintenance

Network remote control and Data acquisition


Semiautomatic Table-top Dataweigh TSDW 205W 1

Semiautomatic Table-top Dataweigh TSDW 205W

An ideal combination scale for producing fixed weight food packages of long or odd shaped products.

Improvement in productivity

Reduction in weighing loss

Minimizing product damage

Ease of cleaning

Compact design